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Fe Careen

Fe Careen, a young girl from a poor family in the Philippines was born with a small growth on the left side of her neck. Over the years this growing tumor developed into an enormous, red mass of flesh. Not only this was this unsightly, but also any injury could have resulted in serious, life threatening infection.

Her condition required urgent intervention. As her family had no money, and there were no facilities available locally for the necessary operation, KARE FOR KIDS INTERNATIONAL, working together with the president of the FILIPINO HEALTH & EDUCATION FOUNDATION, Mrs. Amee De Ocampo and other members of the Foundation, brought Fe Careen to Toronto for life-saving surgery and follow-up treatment. Now Fe Careen is a happy child, leading a normal, healthy life.
Fe Careen with
George Marton,
Director of

Volunteers of Kare for Kids International sort 3000 pieces
of clothing for children for distribution among underpriviledged kids.
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